Japanese foods have an excellent nutritional balance and have outstanding characteristics such as making the most of the deliciousness of ingredients and accentuating umami.
The healthy diet produced by Japanese foods has long been attracting attention around the world.

Lekker Omusubi! 3 types of vegan: pickled plums, walnut miso, and konbu-seaweed, and tuna mayo, a perfect combination of fish and mayonnaise. Fried shrimp is also delicious.
Vegan Okonomiyaki has become very popular in Oogst Market. Instead of the usual okonomiyaki sauce, it is served with teriyaki sauce and vegan mayo, Toramusubi style.
Heel lekker! Omusubi, plant protein rich vegan hamburger, fried cauliflower, pumpkin, potato salad, purple cabbage salad, kinpira-carrots
Beautiful Sushi Rolls! We have vegan one and tuna(tonijn) sushi rolls. Both are not only good for your health, but also very tasty!
Mooi! Daifuku sweets look really cute. Matcha, the ultimate in Japanese taste, is especially popular.
On a cold day, sweet Zenzai that warms the body from the inside out is delicious!
Vegan patties met teriyaki sause are amaging! These are nutritional powerhouses rich in legumes and vegetable protein from vegetables. Sufficiently satisfying.
In the cold winter, hot-steamed Vegan Niku-man and sweet Ann-man are the best!
Vegan Daifuku & Chocolate Muffin
Vegan Cookie(Bio ingredients)