Hello, it is Toramusubi!

We sell ‘Vegan’ & ‘Japanese’ Foods!

And we make most of our foods ‘Gluten-free’ & ‘Sugar-less.

It is because we believe that what we eat makes us.

We want to spread this type of diet, because we belive it leads to much healtier & happier life with slim and sharp bodies, and also we can contribute to the sustainable earth!

Toramusubi philosophy is following,…

  1. We do serve foods which we want our children to eat.
  2. Enjoy safe and healthy foods! Stay in Shape!
  3. Detoxify your body and live a long, healthy and beautiful life!

We often have a stall at the Oogstmarkt on Saturday, and do Japanese foods catering service.

Based in Rotterdam, Since 2022 May

KVK No.86338773, btw-id NL004237391B74