Toramusubi is selling Japanese food, based in the business city of Rotterdam from May 2022
We have healthy & tasty Omusubi(Japanese riceballs), Daifuku(soft-mochi) & nice Osozai(sidedishes).
There are many delicious and healthy foods in Japan. Not only sushi, ramen and takoyaki. We want to spread various delicious Japanese foods in the Netherlands, a country with historical ties to Japan.

Now we especially want to promote Omusubi
A highly rational Japanese fast food,
But it’s also a healthy& low-fat soulfood.
Consisting of rice stuffed with Japanese side dishes into a cute & simple ball, and it matches Nori-seaweed very well.
Daifuku, a typical and gluten-free Japanese dessert, should be more famous. Strawberry Daifuku is especially beautiful in appearance.

I have a dream that we spread them from the Netherlands to Europe.
I was a customs officer in Japan, but in order to enjoy my life atmost, I changed my life completely and followed my dream to come here. Life is too short, right?

Toramusubi philosophy is following,…

  • We do serve food which we want our children to eat!
  • Enjoy low-fat & energizing food.
  • Detoxify your body and live a long & healthy life.

We often have a stall at the Oogstmarkt on Saturday!

You are very welcome!

Based in Rotterdam, Since 2022 May

Adress Posthoornstraat 11, 3011WD

KVK No.86338773, Btw-id NL004237391B74