Daifuku – Mochi 大福

We use very tasty Bio red beans. And Bio sugar!

Strawberry Daifuku is our best seller.

Chocolate is also gaining in popularity!!

– Strawberry Daifuku (Mochi – rice, red bean, strawberry)

– Kiwi Daifuku (Mochi – rice, red bean, kiwi)

– Matcha Daifuku (Mochi – rice, Matcha, red bean, fresh cream)

– Chocolate Daifuku (Mochi – rice, chocolate)

Daifuku is like soft Mochi, very tasty sweets of Japan.

At Toramusubi, real Japanese chefs cook.

Each for € 4.50

– OHAGI € 4.00

You may not know Ohagi. Come to the market and try it!

The name “Ohagi” is derived from “hagi” (bush clover).

Ohagi is made by pounding mochi rice until only a few grains remain, and then wrapping it with sweet Azuki bean paste or other ingredients.

Compared to daifuku, which is made from rice flour, ohagi has a firmer texture. We can enjoy it.