Market stalls

Toramusubi sells delicious and beautiful Japanese foods in Rotterdam. We do not use any meat or poultry, and mainly serve vegan dishes.

The popular teriyaki vegan burger uses plenty of beans and vegetables, so it’s rich in vegetable protein and very healthy.

Omusubi or rice balls have various ingredients (vegan/ tuna-mayo/ fried shrimp), and they are all so delicious.

Vegan okonomiyaki, which is served with a special teriyaki sauce instead of usual okonomiyaki sauce, sells really well at the Oogst market. It is highly recommended.

Japanese food is delicious, and also it is low-fat and low-calorie.

Toramusubi’s dishes are high in plant-based protein and they can fill your stomach. Staying healthy is worth more than you imagine!

Enjoy Lekker Toramusubi!!


Toramusubi often has a stall at the market on Saturdays.
There are also many other great stores and delicious food.
Please come visit us when you have time!