Omusubi お結び

– ‘Ume Hijiki’ seaweed*

– ‘Goma Konbu’ seaweed Katsuobushi**

– ‘Kurumi’ walnuts Miso

– ‘Takikomi – Gohan’ ***

– ‘Ume’ salted plum 

– Ground meat stir-fry with ginger 

– Japanese Curry

Salmon Shoyu-Koji

– Shrimp mayonnaise

– Tsuna mayonnaise                     

*Goma means a sesame. Sesame seeds contain unsaturated fatty acids and make the blood more fluid. Gomarignan, an antioxidant, prevents aging and strengthens the immune system.

**Katsuobushi is super dryed & thinly sliced (shaved) brito-fish.

***‘Takikomi – Gohan’ is vegi-mix & soy sauce seasoned rice. This one does not come with ‘Nori’ seaweed.

****Shoyu(soy sauce) – Koji is Japanese fermented seasoning.

Omusubi is

A highly rational Japanese fast food!

But, it is also a healthy& low-fat soulfood.

Consisting of rice stuffed with Japanese tasty side dishes into cute & simple balls.

Omusubi matches a crispy sheet of Nori seaweed very well!

We eat Omusubi for lunch or light meals.

Perfect for active students and busy business people for lunch, or a healthy and energizing snack for children.

Let’s grab a bite!

Now Toramusubi has 10 flavors!